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Key West Sunset Sail - Romantic Sailboat Trips in Key West, FL

Key West Sunset Sails

Key West Sunset Sailboat
Going to Key West without seeing its legendary sunsets is like missing the Eiffel Tower on a trip to Paris. Sure, you can get plenty of pictures and time to ooh and aah at the Mallory Square sunset celebration, but why not get up close and personal with a sunset sail? Watching the Key West sun slide gently below the horizon is a beautiful experience, especially with your friends, family or sweetie by your side.

Key West sunset sails are a remarkably affordable way to spend the evening. Costs vary by vendor and time of year, but in general the price per adult is around $35. Kids are usually welcome – though you should check with your chosen vendor before booking – and are admitted at a cost approximately half that of an adult ticket ($17-20). Sunset sails at these prices generally include unlimited beer and wine, though some also include champagne and/or light snacks.

Sunset Sailboat Key West
The typical length of a Key West sunset sail is two hours. Boarding begins up to a half hour before departure and is an excellent time to secure a good seat on the vessel. You won't need anything on board except your identification (if you plan to drink alcohol) and a light jacket; although KeyWest is warm most of the year, on the water the wind can make it seem much colder.

Visitors can expect a surprising amount of variety in KeyWest sunset sails. Don't feel limited by run-of-the-mill party boats; instead, look for a vendor that can provide the experience you want. Private sunset sails are very popular and often customizable. If you have a small group (up to eight or six, depending on the size of the vessel), consider booking a private trip. In many cases your crew will provide cheese, crackers and champagne along with the personalized experience.
Key West Sunset Cruise

Looking to really spoil your sweetheart? A private dinner sunset sail is an incredibly romantic way to do it. Imagine drifting leisurely out to sea, drink in hand, as the colors of the sun drip down the sky. The noise of Key West fades away and just you and your love are left to enjoy a quiet dinner prepared on board by the captain himself. Bro tip: A private sunset sail makes a gorgeous setting for proposing to your lady!

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